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This report presents findings across six annual surveys of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grantees conducted by The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University from 2000 to 2005. To create this report, we selected variables for which we had data across this span of years and ones that we believe serve as best descriptors of this program. Our purpose was solely to summarize information provided by ATE grantees about their activity and productivity.

In sum, the aggregate information describes important attributes of the ATE program’s size, activities, direction, and productivity. Because our purpose was to provide feedback rather than evaluative judgments or guidance, we refrained from making inferences as to what the findings mean or what actions should be taken based on the findings. This report is intended for use by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in planning program activities, assessing program progress, and preparing annual testimony and reports. ATE grantees may use these findings to assess their own status and learn about the performance of other grantees, which may serve their own improvement needs.

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