This section contains reports, white papers, and other publications related to evaluation and research conducted within the ATE context. Archived information related to the ATE program evaluation conducted by the WMU Evaluation Center (2000-08) is also included here.

2006 ATE Fact Sheet

2007 ATE Survey Fact Sheet

ATE Program Evaluation: Contributors and inhibitors influencing program improvement
This brief focuses on project/center evaluation and is divided into 4 sections. This section, Section 1, provides an overview of ATE expectations...

Advanced Technological Education Program Evlauation Project Implementation: Challenges and Resolutions
This brief examines the major challenges and resolutions associated with ATE project implementation, as reported by project and center principal investigators (PIs)....

Facilitating an Understanding of Advanced Technological Education Targeted Research Needs
Facilitating an understanding of ATE targeted research needs.

Materials Development, Professional Development, and Program Improvement

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